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RFN is a subsidiary of Apollo Motor, one of the most influential off-road motorcycle manufacturers in the world. Apollo was founded in 2003 with the mission to provide the best products to customers, and its success over the years is a testament to its commitment to this goal. With total assets of 200 million and an annual output of 200,000 motorcycles and ATVs, Apollo has a reputation for producing safe, stable, high-performance, and efficient products that meet the needs of customers around the world.

From the very start the goal was to create electric motorcycles that would combine braver with responsibility, while inspiring the shift to a zero-emission society. The mantra instilled in the design team was “Racing Fears Nothing” and the result would two years later manifest itself in the first electric motorcycle model, the RFN, that first saw the light of day in January 2022.

The RFN perfectly mirrored the founder’s passion for Off-Road sports while keeping in line with the ambitious sustainability creed. The result was a lightweight yet torque rich powerhouse that allowed for nimble, fast and exciting off-road adventures - all this without a noisy, polluting combustion engine, with minimal need of service due to the intricacies of the all-electric drivetrain and featuring driving characteristics that immediately won over fun-loving riders across the planet.

The awards quickly stacked up, accolades included the German Design Award 2022/2023, CF Design Award, Automotive Brand Contest Award and several “Best in Show” designations awarded by numerous outdoor industry publications.

 In 2022, RFN launched the ARES, a All-terrain dual-purpose electric dirt bike that quickly became a favorite among both professional drivers and regular people looking for a do-it-all two-wheeler. Built around the concept of a light, yet rigid unibeam structure - anything a driver could need can be attached using a clamp-on system.


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