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Servicing & Parts

Green-Mopeds offers Servicing and Maintenance Work.

Unlike others, we service your bike at our West London Store and not ship them to alternative locations which obviously saves time.

Secondly, unlike some other electric dealers, we have invested in the electronic test and diagnostic kits that allow for correct and detailed analysis of the bikes electronics. You should check with any dealer that they have the appropriate test kits (eg NIU H1 & H2 diagnostic kits) as some do not have them.

When considering who you use for your servicing needs, please remember the following:-

  • Although you are not legally oblidged to take it to a dealer of your brand of bike, traditional Petrol dealers are unlikley to have the experience in the electronics of these types of vehicles.
  • As dealers, we have access to the parts required at Trade Prices.
  • To be covered for any warranty, official OEM parts should be used.
  • Depending on location, we can offer on-site servicing. Please contact us to discuss an on-site service.

For Warranty work, please remember:-

  • We are implementing the Importers/Warranty back-to-back. This means, they are the arbiter of what is covered and what is not, not Green-Mopeds.
  • You should not be charged for labour of a valid warranty claim. We have reports of some dealers trying to charge for warranty items that should not be charged.
  • Unless explicitly provided by the manufacturer/importer, collection, recovery or return of the bike is NOT included in the warranty.
  • There are some exceptions to what you might consider items covered by Warranty. Clearly consumable items are not covered but some manufacturers/importers will not cover for example battery top replacement/battery leads. Again, it is their decision.

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