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Artisan / Horwin Electric Scooters

Artisan are the Importer for the Kollter and Horwin Brands but also have re-branded some other models in their own right. The EV2000r and EVC are two such examples which are electric versions taking the styling of more retro bikes such as Vespas and Lambrettas. The ES1-S is their badged version of the Kollter ES1-S (also known by another brand called Tinbot)

The EV2000r is a two battery 28mph (L1e) 50cc equivalent model that can be ridden on a Pre 2001 license or CBT while the EVC is a 45mph (L3e) 125cc equivalent bike also able to be ridden on a CBT. The ES1-S is one of the most powerful l3e bikes around with 11kw Max power when both batteries are connected giving a top speed of 60mph.

Their Horwin bikes include a 28mph 55 Mile Range EK1 and 62mph, 6.2kw EK3 moped style bikes. Both come in single seat delivery guises too (EK1 DS and EK3 DS respectively). They also offer a 62mph 6.2kw CR6 fixed battery motorcycle and limited eddition CR6 Pro with 5 pseudo "manual" gears. Their newest addition is the 6.2kw 56mph SK3 which is direct competitor to the Super Soco CPx.

These bikes are available on the OLEV Grant providing a 2 year Warranty on the Bike and 3 years on the batteries and of course the benefit of the rebate on the purchase price.

It should be noted too that all Artisan Supplied bikes including Kollter and Horwin include the following at no cost.

Roadside Assistance
Nationwide Recovery
Homestart in the UK

More details available in each bikes description.