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Silence from Spain were formed in 2011. Their complete lineup now consists of 5 models available in the UK, namely the S01 and S02. The S01 comes in 2 derivative, the S01 Connected and the new S01 Urban. Within the S02 lineup, there are 3 derivatives. The S02 Urban (formerly Low Speed), the S02 Business (formerly Low Speed, Long Range) and the S02 Business +

Their focus has always been on producing the best lithium-ion battery while still being removable.

Their entry level bike, the S02 Urban is a L1e (50cc License equivalent) bike with a 1.5kw motor and a 2.1kwh battery. The S02 Business is the same bike from a power perspective but is fitted with the same 5.6kwh as the S01 Connected and the S02 Business + which then gives it a maximum quoted range of almost 90 miles. This makes it ideal for delivery type functions within cities where range is particularly important.

Their S02 Business + is a 56mph L3e (125cc license equivalent) bike but still with a maximum quoted range of about 85 miles. Ideal for two people or delivery tasks on on faster roads. It has the same 9kw motor as the S01 Connected but on slightly smaller wheels.

The flagship product is the 7kw (~ 9hp) nominal and 9kw max S01 Connected providing  a maximum speed of 62mph and 80 miles of range so ideal for into city commuting for 1 or 2 people.

All are on the Government OZEZ Grant giving 3 years warranty on the battery and 2 years warranty on the bike and all benifit from 2 Years AA cover providing extra peace of mind.

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