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Niu Electric Scooters

** Special Offers on certain models **

Have a NIU Issued Voucher? Please contact us here to use it

For a 28mph (L1e) bikes there are now the, UQiGT Pro ER Only or the MQi+ Sport.

** The NQi Sport & UQiGT Pro SR have been dropped (March 2024) **

For over 28mph (L3e) 125cc equivalents, there is now the MQiGT, the MQiGT EVO or the NQiGTS.

** The NQiGTS ER has been dropped (March 2024) **

** All UK NIU L1e (50cc Equivalent) Bikes have been pre-registered by the Importer (April 2024) **

** Pre-registrations has been done by the Importer due to the Government removing the OLEV Grant on all L1e Bikes. This is just for NIU, not other brands and L3e (125cc equivalent bikes) are not affected. This means the bike will have a previous Registered Keeper on the V5 and also means that the Warranty has started on April 5th 2024. If this is an issue, please look at alternatives  **

Niu Scooters & Mopeds are the worlds leading electric motorcycle with nearly 800,000 sold worldwide in 2021

All benefit from the "Smart Niu" app allowing you to obtain all the details about your bike such as Remaining Battery, Range Estimate, GPS, Riding Stats along with a Security Alert Theft Protection system where you are alerted if your bike is being moved while youre away from it. Additional smart features include Cruise Control and self-cancelling indicators (for a turn of >60°)

All use direct drive hub motors, LED lighting, come with a USB Charging point, alarm and have removable Li-Ion batteries that can be charged on or off the bike from a standard 13amp socket.

They all benefit from the UK Plug-In Motorcycle Grant Scheme providing either £150 off the 28mph l1e (50cc) or £500 off the le3 (125cc) models

More details are available under each model.


All Niu Mopeds now include 12 months Niu Assist.

Should you be unfortunate enough to breakdown, or even have a puncture, you can now make a call and have your scooter recovered to your home or to a NIU dealer - up to 75 miles away. NIU Recovery will even rescue you if you have run out of battery!