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Super Soco Electric Motorcycles

Ride the next generation of electric motorcycles and mopeds from VMoto with the Super Soco TSx, TC, TC Max, CUx and recently complimented by the 4000w "maxi-scooter" CPx.

The more classic looking Super Soco TC with a maximum of 3000w of power provides more distinct styling and with a top speed of 45mph* is perfect for the longer commute on faster A roads.

Following on from the TC, the Super Soco TSX has the same specification as the Super Soco TC but in a modernised TS body.

The top of the range 5kw Super Soco TC Max can achieve 60mph for about 50 miles and still manages to include a removable lithium-ion battery.

The 1300w CUx scooter is a perfect run-around which comes as a 28mph bike which can achieve about 35 miles and for those wanting a more striking look can come in a Ducati branded version. The sleek CUx can be customised with extension feet for those wanting more space on the floor pan and also a HD Camera that can record your trips. For those wanting a more powerful version, the 4kw CPx capable of a maximum speed of 56mph but with a hub motor and up to 2 batteries giving around 80 mile range. 

All of the motorcycles or mopeds have an Android or Apple App enabling the bike to be tracked and checked remotely. 

More details on each model is available in their respective sections