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Electric Mopeds is all we do!

We are an authorised dealer for the VMoto Super Soco and Torrot Muvi ranges and the authorised importer and Distributor for ECCity Moto.

We are more than willing to help in your decision to purchase your new 100% electric moped and are happy to arrange a demonstration or test-ride by contacting us here

Our range of 100% electric Mopeds
  • ECCity


    The premium range of e-mopeds. Exceptionally high quality "chic" French stylish mopeds in 3 engine sizes & 4 colours. From the 4kw 470 up to the motorway capable 8kw 870, these bikes set the standard for quality, design and performance.
  • Torrot Muvi

    Torrot Muvi

    An interconnected electric scooter available in a L1e & L3e variants and 3 colours. No electric scooter can beat the MUVI for stability and manoeuvrability and Plug-in Grant eligible
  • VMoto SuperSoco

    VMoto SuperSoco

    VMoto, a leader global scooter manufacturer have added the SuperSoco to its range of electric two wheeled vehicles. Fast, fun and emissions free, the Super Soco puts the rider in control. Easy to use functions make city riding easier and more enjoyable. Available in 5 colours and Plug-in Grant elegible
  • Public Sector/Commercial

    Public Sector/Commercial

    Green-mopeds.com is able to supply variants of various models from our range for Public Sector and Commercial use such as Law Enforcement, Community Policing, Parking Management, Delivery etc.


Why Buy an Electric Moped?
Research shows that Motorbikes emit up to 70% of the CO2 of cars so going green will help in the world-wide reduction of green-house gases that powers global warming.
According to the National Travel Survey, the average trip length in London is 5.9 miles & nationally 7.4. The range of these bikes allows for many trips to be completed without recharging.
All our bikes have Zero emissions meaning they all are Road Tax and Congestion charge exempt.
Because Electric Bikes have brush-less motors and less moving parts, servicing and maintenance is reduced saving £££s over its lifetime compared to petrol equivalents.
Many of our Bikes are under the Plug-In-Motorcycle Grant (PiMG) scheme, effectively providing them VAT free.
There are nearly 13,500 charging stations at over 4600 locations enabling you to charge your bike while you're out. Some locations provide free parking and free charging too!
All bikes can be charged from a standard 13amp plug and can cost as little as 20p to charge.
Electric Mopeds are incredibly quiet so you are not only reducing CO2 emissions but noise pollution too.