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Lexmoto are an award-winning motorcycle company that specialises in 125cc & 50cc learner legal motorcycles and scooters. Their Petrol LXR125 was the best selling 125cc bike of 2020 in the UK.

While the majority of their bikes are Petrol based, they are now offering some choices in Electric which we have taken to compliment the rest of the brands on offer from us. They are also an official importer for Yadea but they have 4 bikes that are branded as their own (two rebranded from LVeng).

There is a Bosch powered hub motor moped called the Impulse with a removable lithium-ion battery and a motorcycle called the Cypher. Both are 28mph (L1e) and with a 1.5kw motor but the Impulse realistically offers over 50 miles of range; the most in its class.

A recent addition is the 4kw LX08 which is a re-brand of the LVENG LX08 Max (ThElMoco  also re-brand an LVENG LX01) and now a 4kw LX06 (a.k.a LVENG LX06 Max), a more classic "vespa" style 45mph motorcycle. Both have 2 x 60v32ah LG batteries as standard.

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