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Sell Your Electric Moped or Motorcycle

People want to sell their existing bike for many reasons such as upgrading to a new model or just a change in circumstances.

We help both customers and non-customers alike in doing so.

One of the primary challenges of selling a moped or motorcycles is test-rides. Its typical that your existing insurance policy does not cover someone else riding your vehicle which they often want to do to ensure the bike is right for them.

Secondlly, if you are a long way from us and not exchanging, physically getting your bike to us can often be challenging and expensive.

Selling through sites such as WeBuyAnyBike often looses you money (at least 30%) as they expect to make a margin on the sale.

In response to this, we help peoplle sell their bike without having to deal with time-wasters or running the risk of your bike being stolen during a test-ride.

To this end, we provide the following:-

  • We appear in over 50,000 searches per month and hence will provide a lot of visibility for your bike.
  • We will discuss the bike in general with customers and field all the calls.
  • We allow potential customers to test-ride our equivalent bike under our Dealer insurance removing the risk to yourself
  • We can arrange collection and delivery to anywhere in mainland UK (payable by yourself, your customer or both).
  • You keep hold of the bike until the customer pays you.
  • We only charge a flat £80 non-refundable fee for this until sold, no other fees or costs.
  • Please note. We will wave this fee, if you buy another new moped or motorcycle from us.


We require the following from you in order to set up your listing.

  1. As many LANDSCAPE pictures of your bike as you have. These can be sent via WhatsApp to our 07917798861 number. Please take the photos low down and in good light.
  2. Include photos of any scratches or damage on your bike
  3. Please state which if any accessories you are including.
  4. Please include a photo of your dash with the bike on so potential customers can see how many miles it has done.
  5. Please provide your registration number (this will not be shared with the customer but will enable us to provide details of how old the bike is etc).
  6. Any desired price. We will discuss this with you to ensure its realistic. As mentioned, we only take a flat fee, we do not take any commission on the price of the bike.

If that is of interest, please contact us to discuss by phone or here

Please see section 1.29 of our Terms and Conditions regarding this process here