What are the different categories of electric mopeds and motorbikes?
Electric vehicles are categorised by power rating based on KiloWatts (KW) instead of engine size in CC. There are different categories of electric mopeds and motorbikes as defined by the European Commission. Category L applies to Mopeds, Motorcycles, Motor Tricycles and Quadricycles and the applicable categories we sell include the following:-
L3e-A1 Power <= 11kw, Power/Weight <=0.1 kw/kg. These are typically regarded as being equivalent to 125cc
L3e-A2 Power <= 35kw, Power/Weight <=0.2 kw/kg
L3e-A3 Power > 35kw

See below for license requirements for each bike category

What are the typical use of electric mopeds?
Just like petrol based bikes, electric mopeds are used for everything you’d use a conventional scooter or moped for. From commuting, nipping around the city to delivery and public sector use such as law enforcement and police.

Do electric mopeds have normal controls?
The biggest advantage of electric bikes from this perspective is that there are no gears so they are extremely simple to ride. There are twist and go controls and some have economy and performance modes that provide different characteristics for certain riding conditions or requirements. All the other controls are the same as conventional motorbikes such as indicators, horn, speedometer etc. Some of the more recent bikes provide mobile phone apps to allow details and configuration of your bike to be monitored remotely.

Do electric scooters make any noise?
One of the advantages of electric mopeds and bikes is that they are significantly quieter than their petrol equivalents but are not totally silent. You will hear the electric motor as you ride.

Are your electric mopeds road legal?
Yes. All our bikes conform to European standards and will come complete with Certificate of Conformity for your records.

At what age can I ride an electric scooter on public roads in the UK?
You can ride our L1e electric scooters from age 16. You must be at least 17 years old to ride the L3e category (<=11kw).

Do I need a licence to ride an electric scooter on public roads in the UK?
Yes but the license category required can be confusing. The table below summarises it.

As with all mopeds and motorcycles you may need to complete a compulsory basic training course (CBT) to validate your licence before you can ride on the road.
CBT can be completed in one day and costs around £70. More information about Driver Vehicle Licensing including CBT can be found at www.direct.gov.uk/en/Motoring.

Do electric scooters need road tax, registration documents, number plates and an MOT test in the UK?
Electric mopeds and motorbikes are required to be registered with the DVLA using a V5 document but there is no Road Tax because of zero emissions. Number plates will need to displayed just like their petrol equivalents.

After 3 years an MOT will be required

Do I need insurance to ride an electric moped in the UK and do I need to wear a helmet?
Yes. Insurance and a helmet is required

What are the running costs?
The cost of mains electricity to fully charge the battery is under 20p. If you compare an average petrol moped consumption of 60mpg and an example range of a single charge of an electric moped of 60 miles, with current petrol prices of £1.15/litre, an electric moped could travel over 1,500 miles for the equivalent cost of a gallon of fuel.

As electric mopeds/bikes do not have a combustion engine, the major element that requires maintenance does not exist. Therefore maintenance essentially comes down to consumable items such as tyres and breaks, plus electrical items.

What range can I expect from a full charge?
This is a function of the power of the engine, the consumption of the battery and driving style. We offer different categories of bikes to suit all requirements all the way to motorway capable L3e bikes.

Do you offer Lead Acid battery bikes?
No. All our bikes are Lithium based which are lighter and safer than Lead Acid. This also ensures that our bikes can qualify for the Governments Plug In Grant scheme.

How long does it take to charge the battery?
This depends on the model and if you are charging them from a domestic 13amp socket or a commercial charging station. However, Batteries take around 6 to 8 hours to fully charge but fast chargers chargers can reduce this significantly and some models offer the option. Also, most models offer removable batteries meaning they can be taken in to offices, coffee shops etc to top up while out and above.

How can I tell how much charge is left in the battery?
A charge indicator on the display console provides a ‘fuel gauge’ view of the remaining battery charge. Some models offer apps to remotely interrogate the bikes statistics

How much storage space is there?
As with their petrol equivalents, they have an under seat helmet storage compartment and some also have a lockable glove box. In additional, we can supply an optional secure back box.

Is any assembly required?
Your electric scooter will arrive fully assembled with any options purchased attached, registered and taxed. Your V5C will come direct from DVLA separately. You will need to insure it.

What about servicing and routine maintenance?
You should carry out standard maintenance as you would with a petrol scooter although with far fewer moving parts, the motor and other electronic components are virtually maintenance free. In most cases your local scooter or motorcycle dealer/repairer will be able to advise you of their costs for servicing the conventional parts of the scooter (e.g. tyres, brakes, wheels, suspension, etc). The electronic components (e.g. battery, charger, motor, sensors and controller etc) are sealed units and therefore require no specialist servicing during their lifetime other than routine lubrication or cleaning as directed by the accompanying documentation.

What about Warranties and Guarantees?

Depending on the make and model concerned, the bikes typically come with 2 or 3 years warranty. Models that state they are Plug-in Grant eligibility will have a warranty as follows:-
Do you supply spare parts and accessories?
Yes, we can supply a full range of spare parts for our electric scooters including replacement batteries and chargers. Please email us any concerns you have.

Any other questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us from our Contact page.