VMoto SuperSoco

Ride the next generation of electric motorcycles from VMoto with the Super Soco TS and soon to be released TC.

The 1200w Super Soco TS with its sleek lines puts the rider in control with its easy to use functions that make city riding easier and more enjoyable. Plug-in Grant eligible effectively providing them VAT free and available in 5 colours.

The more classic looking Super Soco TC with a maximum of 3000w of power provides more distinct styling and with a top speed of 45mph is perfect for the longer commute on faster A roads. Available in 4 colours to pre-order.

*** Update ***

We can sell the Super Soco TS de-restricted meaning it will go about 35mph allowing you to keep up with traffic more easily. This will make it an L3e (125cc) equivalent.

We can also sell the TC restricted meaning it will go under 30mph making it a L1e (50cc) moped allowing it to be taken as a first bike (eg at 16) and then upgrade it to 45mph/L3e/125cc at a later date.

 Contact us for more details.
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Viewing 1 — 2 of 2 items | Page 1 of 1