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Super Soco CUx


Moonlight White


Colour: Moonlight White




The new generation of smart electric scooter!

Smart. Sleek. Fun. The new Super SOCO CUx integrated many intelligent and high efficiency designs to give you the most enjoyable riding experience.

Symmetrical U shape design integrated the head light and indicators. Hidden top LED head light. Built with hot runner process. Dust-proof and water-proof. Matrix type layout of light beads carving the style of light. It also benefits from in-line LED light beads. The all-in-one light system incorporated position, turning indicators and braking lights. The design is unique and stands out from other tail-light designs.

The bike benefits from a Bosch Hub motor providing a maximum of 2788w of Power supported by a 10kg Lithium-ion battery providing up to 50 miles of range with a maximum speed of 28mph (limited) categorising it as a Moped (L1e).

An optional Recording Camera can be fitted to this bike as per below. This enables the taking of pictures and video on the included SD Card. If this is of interest please select the option on the Add to Cart Page.

Static Review

Ride Review

Removable BatteryYes
Maximum Speed28 Mph
Charging Time7 Hours
Range40 Miles
Bike Warranty2 Years
Battery Warranty3 Years
Grant ApplicableYes
BrandSuper Soco

Customer Reviews (1)


Had one for 12 months. It's great. Comfortable, easy to ride light enough to push up a short ramp into a building at work. The battery is heavy to carry any long distance. The only issue I have is the battery charging unit is big and the wires take a little bit of time to pack up in the space under the seat. Easier to keep in a back pack. But it does all for under the seat and out of sight. Looks great. Lights are good. I thought I might have people not hear or see me coming as it's very quite. But in 12 months and I use on daily commute of 11 miles each way. No one has come.close to jumping under my wheels. Three speeds and if you are lazy you don't need to change but you won't have as smooth a ride as if you set of in 3rd. Top speed is as it's says 28/29. Even down hill you won't get much more. A friend derestricted it and went out on it on private land. And it will do about 32/34 on flat and down hill will get to 37 occasionally. Up hills it slows as would a 50cc moped. But holds a steady 26/27 up most hills. Over all for a plug in scooter I'm very happy do 20 miles a day. Rain or shine. Not one issue in 12 months. Mirrors I smashed on a wall. My fault so swapped for folding ones. They are left and right threaded. Battery charger on to battery is very tight and have to wiggle back and forth number of times to free it off. Battery is not loosing anything in terms of power and charging in the 12 months I've had it. Work in a high school and the kids are impressed and think it looks good and many say "I'm having one or them when I get licensed."

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