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Horwin Electric Motorcycles

The Chinese brand of Horwin has been managed by XL Holding, based in Changzhou / China, since 2013, and is only active in the field of electromobility. Horwin is now not only represented in Asia, but also in South America and Europe, with Horwin Europe located in Austria

The original intention for Horwin was to create a brand new and yet unprecedented driving machine. Most of the team members are motorcycle enthusiasts, industrial experts or even professional racers from Germany, Austria and China. Horwin motorcycles are state of the art when it comes to emobility. After years of research& development, as well as cooperation with big players from all over the world, an electric motorcycle was eventually created, the CR6 and CR6 Pro with a 5 speed manual gear system.

Following this, they have created their first moped, the EK3 and EK3 Delux, one of the most powerful moped style bikes around with 6.7kw and nearly 60mph. More recently they have instroduced a 2.8kw 28mph EK1 with a hub motor in 4 striking colours. They also have a lower speed EK1 light but the importer has decided that neither it or the EK3 Delux will be offered in the UK.

From 2023, a new SK3 model was introduced essentially as a competitor to the Super Soco CPx. Again, the lower powered SK1 is not available in the UK currently

It should be noted too that all Artisan Supplied bikes including Kollter and Horwin include the following at no cost.

Roadside Assistance
Nationwide Recovery
Homestart in the UK

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