Motorcycle CBT Information

There are many question around which licenses are eligible for which bikes and when do you need to do Compulsory Basic Training (CBT). The information below should help with this.

In this class of bikes there are 3 categories:

Moped looking bikes but have pedals.

These do not need a License, Insurance, helmet, MOT, number plates, CBT or Registration Plate. They are limited to 15mph and we will be offering the Super Soco RU shortly

Over 15mph and less than 28mph "Moped" Category Bikes - A.k.a "50cc"

These can look like a moped/scooter or a motorcycle. They will be restricted to 28mph but may be able to go faster by de-restriction. Whether they are de-restricted or not, the V5 will state "moped" and you might also see reference to the electric category L1e which is the equivalent term for <28mph 2 wheeled electric vehicles

For these you need one of the following:-

Over 28mph "Motorcycle" Category Bikes - A.k.a "125cc"

The term "Motorcycle" is the DVLA term for a moped/scooter style or motorbike style bike that go over 28mph. There is an upper limit to the Power (kw) that these can have which would require an A2 or greater motorcycle license, however all the ones we currently sell that are not L1e above are these "125cc" equivalent bikes. In electric terms these are called L3e.

For these, you need the following.

Regarding the CBT itself. It takes about 1/2 a day. If you are re-taking you can just turn up later and miss the theory side and just go through the testing part which includes riding on the road over 40mph on a bike supplied by the school. You would need to check with the school if you can use your electric bike for the training as there is an element of it that requires Brake and Throttle control which mostly cannot be done on electric motorcycles.

To find a school, below is the best link to use

There are other ways of finding a school like but they add a margin on of the price of the training so you are likely to find it cheaper by using the Link above and contacting the School directly.