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Caofen F80 (Road Legal)


For Road-Legal Vehciles the following are our On The Road Charges (OTR)
Registration    £55
Number Plate    £30

These will be added on to the total order value per vehcile.


The Caofen F80 Road-Legal Bike is an 8kw based 72v fixed battery L3e (125cc Licence) 56mph Electric Motorcycle.

It is based on the new trend for lightweight "naked" e-bike style weighing just 85KG and is the first overall one-time molding of a high-strength alloy motorcycle body. To ensure that every place can be perfectly presented, the body is designed with zero welding. The rigidity of body has increased by 30%, adding another layer of protection. The motorcycle body will remain intact even drop parallel to the height of 3 meters.

Caofeon have applied a patented immersion cooling battery system to their motorcycle, which results in 8 times the thermal balance and only 50% of normal temperature rise. The temperature control system allows you to ride freely in any case even in minus 40 degrees environment. The temperature improves work efficiency while maintaining a balance.

The bike is based on a 72v system and the road-verson has a 48ah battery giving 3.45kwh of capacity. Claimed range at 18mph is 90 miles. If riding at full-speed a more realistic range would be 20 to 25 miles. Charging time quored as 2 hours but more realisticly 3 hours from a 13amp socket.

The road-legal version is 1.95m long with a 1.3m wheelbase and has a 19" Front Wheel and 18" rear and the single seater has a maximum carrying capacity of 100KG.

It is on the OLEV Grant and so enjoys a 2 year warranty on the bike and 2 year warranty on the battery.

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Model Caofen (Road Legal)
Type L3e
Voltage 72
Watts 8000
Removable Battery No
Maximum Speed 56 Mph
Charging Time 3 Hours
Battery Warranty 500 Cycles
Range 35 Miles
Brand Caofen
Condition New
Grant Applicable Yes

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