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LVENG LX01 / ThElMoco X-tra




Battery Option: Single Battery

Colour: Blue




The LVENG LX01 is also sold as the ThElMoCo X-Tra, an L1e (50cc) Electric moped that can be ridden on a pre-2001 drivers license or CBT.

The main advantage of this bike over is competitors is that for the price, there is no other bike that offers the range of 80 miles so if that is a specific requirement, then this should be considered. It also makes it suitable for delivery type applications and public sector uses such as Parking Enforcement. Its total loading is 150KG so more than enough for a rider plus substantial carrying capacity for goods.

Its powered by a 3 speed Bosch 2020W motor paired with 2 removable Samsung Lithium Ion 60v 26ah Batteries with12" wheels and front and back disc brakes.

Charging time is 6 hours and each battery weighs about 10KG

It includes other features such as a distiinctive LED lights, clear LED display, showing trip, miles and temperature, a USB Port for charging mobile devices and an alarm which locks the wheels when set. Interestingly, it has a bluetooth connection for your phone that plays music and calls through the bikes on internal speaker.

Its 1.8m long and comes in Blue, Grey and White,

N.B Buying the 2nd Battery at purchase time is over £150 cheaper than buying the battery seperately.

It benefits from being on the UK Governments OLEV Grant providing a 20% rebate (already deducted from the price shown) and ensuring a 2 year warranty on the bike and 3 years on the batteries.

Static Review

ModelLX-01 / X-Tra
Removable BatteryYes
Maximum Speed28 Mph
Charging Time4-6 Hours
RangeUp to 90 Miles
Bike Warranty2 Years
Battery Warranty3 Years
Grant ApplicableYes

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