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LBX LightBee - Off-Road


Steel Grey


Colour: Steel Grey





  • These Bikes sell out way in advance of them arriving in the UK, especailly the Off-Road version, so it is highly likely that if you expect a bike immediately you will be disappointed.
  • If you wait for the bikes to arrive before putting down a deposit, it is also highly likely you will not get one.
  • If bikes are on back-order please remember that Finance quotes should be requested nearer the time that the bikes are in stock in case rates change. You can see an example of a finance quote here. As this is technically an EAPC, insurance would be available on your House Policy.
  • It is our understanding that there is no nor will there be a specific 2021 specification model with major changes. Often bikes come with for example different forks but that is typically down to what the manufacturer can source at manufacturing time. Therefore 2021 models are likely to be the same spec as the  2020 model even if its made in this year.
  • The primary colours that are available will be Black, Grey or Silver. The other colours are often being now put as special order and due to demand are not being made.
  • If you buy a bike other than from a Dealer, even if the bike has 0 miles and sold as new, the 18 month warranty is nottransferable.
  • Our advice is to put down a deposit and then wait for the shipment. Contact us hereto discuss.
  • We are only given a few days notice when the bikes are in the country and through customs so unfortunately we have no details about when the bike will be with us as the Importer does not know in advance either..

The SUR-RON Light-Bee Dual Sport E-Dirt Bike promises advanced fun on all terrain. With 60V and more than 6KW of peak power from a removable Panasonic 18650 32Ah Lithium-ion battery pack, it has a range of 40 to 60 miles per charge, a recharging time 2 1/2 to 3 1/2 hours and a top speed of 45mph.

A forged light-weight 47KG alloy frame, 200Nm of Torque, combined with hi-spec components including 4 piston Hydraulic Disc Brakes Front and Rear provide the Light-Bee a climbing ability of over 45°.

Combining the ultra light weight frame with up to 6kw of power gives this bike incredibly fast acceleration and climbing ability and we encourage you to try this bike for yourself to understand this first hand. 

Our side-by-side static review of the Off-Road and Road-Legal Surron

Our Ride-review of the Road-Legal Surron

ModelLBX Light-bee (Off Road)
Removable BatteryYes
Maximum Speed47 Mph
Charging Time3.5 Hours
Battery Warranty500 Cycles
Bike Warranty18 Months
Range60 Miles

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