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Super Soco TC (1500w)
Super Soco TC (1500w)
Super Soco TC (1500w)
Super Soco TC (1500w)
Super Soco TC (1500w)

Super Soco TC (1500w)

Equipped with the best and newest technologies of today, the SUPER SOCO TC celebrates the rebirth of the classic from the 50s and initiates at the same time a new era of the electric mobility.

Experience quiet electric mobility with no noise and no emissions. The wheel hub motor together developed with BOSCH has a maximum power of 3000 watts which means instant acceleration to its limited speed of 45mph. (Please note this bikes comes out of the box as a 28mph "50cc moped" category bike out of the box and ~45mph can be obtained if the rider de-restricts the bike. *Please see terms and conditions relating to modification of bikes and warranties)

The big display of the TC SOCO shows you all information which you need during your journey; top speed, remaining range, driving mode, temperature etc in a classical Retro design combined with the most modern technology.

The Super SOCO TC can be equipped with up to two batteries simultaneously manufactured from Panasonic, LG or Samsung. Both of them are easily removable and can be charged on or off the motorcycle and provide a range of up to 100 miles.

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Tom from Oxford

Ive done about 170miles on my TC and I am really enjoying it. A very affordable electric model that actually looks like a 'proper' bike. So much so that I am getting nods from other motorcycle riders! Very quiet & well put together, range of about 35-40miles (using all 3 modes) and a top speed of 45mph. Only thing I would mention is that as the battery gets below 75% speed does take a hit due to the lower voltage. I am getting a second battery to help this though. Really enjoying the 'double takes' from onlookers expecting to hear a noisy engine, fantastic!

Neil Rogers from Surbiton

A great company to deal with.

Collected from Green Mopeds on 21 May. Now having ridden for 200 miles it's time to offer my review. I commute to work each day and home again covering 25 miles.

What I like; it's great fun to ride and is more than able to hold it's own in rush hour traffic. The bike, mine is green, looks great and has attracted lots of comments from other motorcycle riders. Many have said it's cool. The battery monitor is very accurate so I feel confident to be able judge mileage range remaining. Mode 1 is good to use in built up traffic but too slow if you want to climb hills or exceed 30 mph. Mode 2 is good for general use but if you want to ride at 45 mph you need to use mode 3. Each increase in mode reduces the total range. Using a combination of all three each day allows me to cover 25 miles using up 2/3 of a fully charged battery. To recharge to full takes approximately 1.35 kWh. This equates to 12p of electricity for 18 miles of riding. I ride on some 20 mph roads, some 30 - 40 mph stretches and a 50 mph dual carriageway and feel confident on all. The bike is exceptionally light and very nimble and easy to ride. The brakes are more than adequate as are the tyres.

What is not so good; I ride over the North downs on the way to work and again coming home. I have had to alter my normal route I used to take and find roads with not so steep inclines as the speed even on mode 3 can drop to less than 20 mph. Having found the new route hill climbing speeds are a minimum of 25 mph, except for the one steep hill I have to use to get off my estate where I just about manage 18 mph. I would also like the seat to have a bit more padding as 12.5 miles is the point of feeling uncomfortable.

Overall impression so far is a great ride on a light and nimble motorcycle. As it's all electric I'm doing my bit to look after the environment. Just wish for the hills it had an additional 5 mph to play with.

Quentin Whitaker from Leeds

I have had the TC for 4 weeks now which I use to commute and get around the city between work places. So far it has been great, the power delivery is very smooth, the braking is quick. Handling wise its very light and manoeuvrable through traffic. The display has been accurate so far in number of miles remaining so it has been easy to manage charging the battery without being caught short on range. Overall its a fun little ride with very low running costs.

Make VMoto
Model Super Soco TC
Type L3e
Watts 1500
Removable Battery Yes
Maximum Speed 45 mph
Range 40 Miles
Charging Time 7-8 Hours
Bike Warranty 2 Years
Battery Warranty 3 Years
Grant Applicable Yes
Condition New