Sell Your Electric Moped

Many people chose to upgrade their bike or sell it for many reasons and we are offering a service where you can use our site to help you do that.

On average over 45,000 people find our site through search per month so this is a great way for you to sell your bike.

Green-Mopeds Search Results

Our service includes.

Allowing people to test-ride an equivalent bike at our unit if required (Your insurance typically does not allow for this)

Assessing a far and reasonable price for your bike.

Fielding all the questions about the bikes in general and any specifics about your bike.

Organising delivery between you and the customer if required (Delivery charge would be extra)

Listing the bike in our pre-owned section complete with the details, photos etc UNTIL SOLD

Keeping your details confidential until an appropriate time

No need for the bike to be brought to us.

If this is of interest, please contact us here


You keep hold of the bike. We only connect the interested party to you once they have shown genuine interest