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Below are what we consider to be the best electric mopeds and motorcycles avaialble in the UK right now. We have considered features, functions, reliability and cost and is based on our actual experience of them. Links to the bikes along with our reviews are also included.

         50cc Equivalent (L1e)

  • Best Classic Looking Bike.                                                    Artisan EV2000r
    • The classic looks and a real 50 mile range with 2 batteries makes this Vespa style bike the only choice for a retro style electric moped.
  • Best Moped.                                                                                  Horwin EK1 - 36ah
    • If range is what you need, then the EK1 with dual 36ah batteries is the one to go for. Approximately 80 miles of range should be acheived beating every other bike in its class. Its also one of the most powerful 50cc equivalent bikes with 2.8kw. WIth a single battery, there is still storage available for an open face helmet. A rack, leg blanket and screen are also available.
  • Best for Inclusive Storage.                                                    Segway E125s
    • Due to storing its 2 batteries under the floorpan, the E125 has 27L or storage under the seat, more than any other bike in its class. A rack and box are also available if more is required
  • Best Entry Level Bike.                                                               NIU UQiGT SR
    • As a starter electric moped and for the price, the UQiGT SR is a great first bike. Enough range for the average commute and with all the Smart Features that NIU offer through its app
  • Best Motocycle.                                                                          Lexmoto Cypher
    • Possibly a surprise to some but the Cypher offers a lot of fun in a small package and one of the few de-restrictable electric motorcycles around. A removable 72v battery allows for charging from any 13amp socket.

        125cc Equivalent (L3e)

  • Best Classic Looking Bike.                                                     Lexmoto LX06
    • WIth a 4kw Bosch motor and 2 removable 60v LG Batteries as standard, the LX06 offers a classic Lambretta look with a modern twist. A rack is included for a box if required.
  • Best Bike for inclusive storage.                                          Silence S01 Connected
    • With enough storage under the seat for 2 full-faced helmets plus a rack option, the S01 is unmatched in its storage ability. With 9kw and up to 62mph, its also one of the most powerfull.
  • Best Entry Level Bike.                                                               NIU MQiGT SR
    • At just £2000 currently, the NIU MQiGT SR with dual batteries is hard to beat right now. Capable of carrying 2 and with the option for storage via a rack if required.
  • Best Moped.                                                                                   Segway E300se
    • Faster, more powerful and with up to 3 batteries and with features others bike still do not yet offer such as ABS, TCS and full-regen, the 300se is the best bike overall right now.
  • Best Motorcycle.                                                                         Super Soco TC Max
    • The best selling electric motorcycle in the UK right now, the TC Max is the defacto choice for a motorbike style bike. 60mph and about 50 miles of range from a removable battery with a smooth acceleration from its belt driven setup. A rack and box are also available.
  • Best Made-For-Delivery Motorcycle                                Horwin EK3 DS
    • There are many bikes that considered for delivery including Super Soco CPx and NIU NQiGTS Cargo. However overall, one bike that is custom made for delivery and has the greatest range (one of the most important aspects of delivery) is actually the Horwin EK3 DS. A single seater motorcycle with a large rear platform capable of holding the larger PUIG 100L boxes but most importantly with, two 72v 40ah batteries providing the most battery capacity in its class.


  • Best Offroad Bike.                                                                         Talaria Sting R
    • Talaria have burst through the Surron dominated market and are affering more power and enhanced performance for a lower cost. Over 50mph in a bike as tuff as the Surron with some improvements such as the removal of the pully makes this a hard bike to beat.