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Niu Scooters & Mopeds are the worlds leading electric motorcycle with over 500,000 sold and they currently offer 2, L1e (~50cc) models in the UK with more coming shortly

The exceptionally lightweight 1200w M series (known as the M Pro) and the long distance 1500w N Series. Both benefit from the "Smart Niu" app allowing you to obtain all the details about your bike such as Remaining Battery, Range Estimate, GPS, Riding Stats along with a Security Alert Theft Protection system where you are alerted if your bike is being moved while youre away from it. Additional smart features include Cruise Control and self-cancelling indicators (for a turn of >60°)

Both use Bosch direct drive hub motors, LED lighting, come with a USB Charging point, alarm and have removable Li-Ion batteries that can be charged on or off the bike.

The M comes in White, Red, Blue, Grey and Matt Black and the N comes in White, Red, Blue, Black and Matt Grey and Black.

More details are available under each model.

Nui N Series Close Up Niu Hub Motor DetailNui N Series Close Up External