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Jiangsu KEYROAD Transportation technology co., ltd. was established in Changzhou in 2017. This is an innovative technology company driven by the latest industrial design and cutting-edge technology. Focusing on smart travel, the company explores the realisation of new value products in the field of mobile tools, and is committed to providing efficient and multi-dimensional solutions for urban travel, so that more people can enjoy the fun of travel!

Artisan are the current Importer for these vehicles and market them as the ES1-S and ES1-S Pro. In these configurations they are a L1e (5kw) and L3e (11kw) category bike respectively and can be purchased as a single or dual battery version and can also come in an on-road AND off-road combination (ie you receive both a road-set and off-road set of wheels/tyres. Uniquely this allows an off-road bike to benefit from the OLEV Grant.

More details available in each bike