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CR6 - Pre-owned - 10/20


For All Road-Legal Vehicles:
£85 for Registration Fee (£55) & EV Number Plate (£30) will be added
Delivery Charges:
Collection from Brentford:


This is a former customers 11 months old blue CR6 which has just 900 Miles on the clock.

1 Year 1 Month Warranty on the Bike, 2 year and 1 months on the Battery

The Bike comes with a seat mesh to secure items to the rear of it.

Total Price as shown over £5000(after grant) and before OTR.

Special Price £4250

For an additional charge, the bike can be collected and delivered anywhere in England for £109, Wales or Scotland £139 which we suggest is split between the Seller and Buyer. Alternatively the bike can be collected from Leatherhead

The new generation of E-mobility. No straight lines or old-fashioned scooter-design,the HORWIN CR6 definitely isn’t boring.

The HORWIN CR6 sets new standards in electric mobility with its performance-oriented combination of a brand new Field Oriented Control (FOC) and a powerful electric motor with 6.2 kW of maximum power and a top speed of just under 60mph.

The HORWIN CR6 uses the most modern lithium-ion batteries available. The 55 Ah battery pack is charged in approx. 3 hours from 0–80% and offers a range of up to 90 miles (at ~28mph). Just like the leading car manufacturers of today, the battery cells in the CR6 are optimally armoured and protected and the integrity of the battery is not compromised even if one or more cells should fail.

Thanks to the revolutionary charging technology, you have enough charge in 20 minutes to cover a distance of 10 to 20 miles and it takes about 4 hours to fully charge the batteries. The dynamic charging process protects the cells as much as possible in order to still achieve corresponding performance values after many years. So you can be sure that the power source of your motorcycle is always intact and working reliably. HORWIN grants 3 years warranty on the battery in the UK.

The big display of the HORWIN CR6 shows you all information which you need during your journey: speed, remaining range, driving mode, temperature and a lot more. In the classical Retro design combined with the most modern technology. The background lighting shows you all information in all conditions.

When you brake in an emergency, the CBS braking system will split braking force between the front and rear brake discs, reducing stopping distance and ensuring a safe brake at high speeds. The sensitive brakes allow extremely precise handling in and around corners, even in wet conditions. 265 mm perforated Brake disc front and 220 mm perforated rear brake disc guarantee safe and efficient braking in all conditions.

Low beam as well as high beam with groundbreaking LED technology will guide you the way through darkness. The lamps’ light shines brighter than ever before in a perfectly clean white LED colour. Up to 28.000 candela of light are projected by 6 LED modules through glass lenses onto the road ahead of you to ensure maximum sight under dark conditions. The result speaks for itself: 5 times better light efficiency and increased visibility compared to conventional halogen lamps known from traditional mopeds.

In the UK, this bike qualifies for the UK OLEV Grant providing a 2 year warranty on the bike and 3 years on the battery.

Maximum Speed58 Mph
Charging Time4 hours
Range90 Miles
Bike Warranty2 Years
Battery Warranty3 Years
Grant ApplicableYes

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