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Could an Electric Center be a new retail system for electric motorcycles?

27 Oct 2020

Repost from Guy Salens Post on Electric Motorcycle News 21/9/17

When I wroted this article for LinkedIn (you’ll find it below) a few days later I got a message from Ecomobility Green World (Spain) that brings customers already a new concept of multibrand dealership and service center only for electric motorcycles and inspired in coexistence with nature.

Located in Seville’s city centre, Ecomobility’s showroom is a multi-brand showroom dedicated to the display and sale of the state of the art of electric motorcycles and mobility products and to raise awareness about sustainability and clean energies applied to urban mobility. Ecomobility Green World was born out of Lehmann Natur, one of the largest producers and distributors of fair organic fruit and vegetables in Europe, and it displays the identity, philosophy and core values of the brand.

Ecomobility Green World: “Our aim is to bring customers a new concept of multibrand dealership and service center only for electric motorcycles and inspired in coexistence with nature.”

The main idea was to create a dynamic space for the exhibition of products that are meant to move when in use, but are still when displayed, and to enhance the eco and clean energy qualities of the electric motorcycles. At the same time it’s meant to become the place to be for exclusive motorcycle users in search for a new way of understanding the riding experience. In order to reflect these principles, the space had to be hi-tech, clean, silent, green and strongly inspired in nature.

You can read their full story on Retail Design Blog or visit the website of Ecomobility Green World

Design/Architecture Showroom: Jump & Fly / Xpacio
Photography: Jump & Fly

Could an Electric Center be a new retail system for electric motorcycles?

(Posted on LinkedIn 13/09/2017) At this moment, there are a lot of E-motorcycles initiatives going on. But even so a lot of problems: homologation (for example, Europe requires ABS), funding, production units, dealer networks etc. Some start up’s even consider to sell without dealer(s)… What about test-rides? After-sales support? Service and warranty-repairs? I can’t imagine that you buy an e-motorcycle like you buy a t-shirt online? What if you don’t like it? Or ergonomic problems? Send it back after 7 days? Can you imagine the situation?

Some start up companies I have spoken, are developing 1 or 2 years before they can produce a prototype. This already requires a huge investment on people and funds. And you haven’t produced anything yet. On top of that if you want a global marketing campaign to have some exposure, then you talk about large budgets. If you want to set up a major dealer network from scratch, that’s almost impossible. So, you are depending on existing dealers of gasoline motorcycles as a sub-brand. With this solution you lose a lot of your E-identity and it becomes confusing to the customer. Another sales concept is the build-on-demand principle: you order, they start building … perhaps this could work for a higher priced e-motorcycle but you want to produce a lot, don’t you?


Why couldn’t there be Electric Centers in town with several e-brands of electric motorcycles and e-scooters together? We are talking about urban mobility, commuting and fun … You can show a whole range of electric vehicles: e-skateboards, longboards, kick scooters, e-scooters, e-motorcycles and why not some little e-cars …

It’s a bit out-of-the-box thinking, an Electric Center is not about 1 brand but a mobility solution for a large audience.

There could be possibilities to test, hire and/or buy electric vehicles. In this E-Center there could be an information desk about electric driving, charging possibilities, technical info, special app’s etc. In combination with a little garage (for service and repair) you can reach a new target audience. You can even add a coffee-shop for people who are charging their bike/vehicle …

There are some E-offroad centers in the world right now. It should be easy to create an extra show/inforoom with different brands and their offroad models. E-scooter sharing in the largest cities of the world is hot: E-Centers could be meeting- or charging points for commuters.

I am convinced that this role is provided for entrepreneurs/investors in cooperation with brands and start up’s. Anyone?

The original article can be found here.