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Artisan are the Importer for the Kollter and Horwin Brands but also have re-branded some other models in their own right. The EV2000r and EVC are two such examples which are electric versions taking the styling of more retro bikes such as Vespas and Lambrettas.

The EV2000r is a two battery 28mph (L1e) 50cc equivalent model that can be ridden on a Pre 2001 license or CBT while the EVC is a 45mph (L3e) 125cc equivalent bike also able to be ridden on a CBT.

These bikes are both now available on the OLEV Grant providing a 2 year Warranty on the Bike and 3 years on the batteries and of course the benefit of the 20% rebate on the purchase including the second battery of the EV2000r.

More details available in each bikes description.