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Niu NQiGTS Cargo (SR / ER)



Battery Option: Standard Range




** Please note Price increase from July 1st 2022 **

The NQiGTS Cargo is a made-for-delivery single seat L3e (125cc equivalent) electric moped available in both Standard & Extended Range.

These are based on the upgraded NQiGTS SR & ER motorcycles but with the rear part of the seat removed which enables a better centre of gravity for the delivery/top box and heavy loads. It has a 4600w max rated motor and has a top speed of about 50mph mph

The differences between the SR & ER are the batteries used in each model and hence range. The SR has a maximum quoted range of 44 miles, while the ER has a quoted range of 56 miles.  Due to the lower rated batteries, the SR charges in a slightly quicker time to the ER at 6 hours and 7 hours respectively. (N.B this is a decrease in range from the NQiGT Cargo due to these newer bikes having a higher speed)

The bike comes with extra protection on the rear side panel and front corners to help protect the bike from the inevitable bumps and scrapes. The rear cargo rack is also included. 

Niu teamed up with BOSCH to build an ultra efficient and smart motor to bring e-scooters into the future. At the centre of this collaboration is the NIU developed Field-Oriented Control system, that we customised for the 3000w BOSCH motor to optimise power consumption. Niu coupled the FOC optimised motor with an EBS dual brake system to recycle power back into the system. When youre braking, you're re-charging.

To enhance overall vehicle performance, the Electric Brake System (EBS) and FOC optimise power conservation and output, effectively recycling power during certain periods of braking and limiting power output during select periods of acceleration. Niu have been able to reduce braking distances by up to 60% and recycle 6% of the battery capacity back into the system through our intelligent braking system.

The iconic halo LED headlamp provides an ultra-wide arc of light for improved vision and safety at night. Additionally, Niu have employed a TechnoLED lamp structure that seamlessly integrates a rear light, turning indicators, brake light, and license plate lamp. The structure is both unique to NIU, and more importantly provides added visibility for night driving.

From battery monitoring, theft protection with real-time tracking, ride history, the NIU app keeps you connected and up-to-date with the whereabouts and health of your Niu

Additional features include a bag hook and a USB charging point. Optional accessories include a protective screen and we can supply a large range of top boxes from SHAD or Givi or a pizza-style box can be fitted.

ModelNQiGTS Cargo
Removable BatteryYes
Maximum Speed50 Mph
Charging Time6 Hours / 7 Hours
RangeUp to 56 Miles
Bike Warranty2 Years
Battery Warranty3 Years
Grant ApplicableYes

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