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Niu MQiGT 45 Mph




Colour: Grey




For 2021, Niu have released a larger M based variant. Current details as are as follows:-

In the UK there will be 2 versions namely:-

  • MQiGT 30 Standard Range.  30 Mph, 3.1kw 45 Mile Range with 2 x 48V 31Ah. EVE Batteries.
  • MQiGT 45 Extended Range.  45 Mph, 3.1kw 55 Mile Range with 2 x 48V 42Ah. Panasonic Batteries.

The Standard Range weighing 113KG comes with two new 31ah Batteries made by EVE and the Extended Range weighing 115KG with two 42ah made by Panasonic. The batteries weigh about 11kg and both fit under the seat and these bikes now come with a 3kw Bosch motor (over twice the power of the MQi+ Sport). 

With a robust and larger frame, the MQiGT gives you ultimate riding confidence on the road. The powerful 4th Generation Niu Energy Lithium Battery and BOSCH motor makes the MQiGT a force to be reckoned with. 

Following on from the UQiGT Pro, the MQiGT has 14" wheels meaning its seat height is 816mm at its highest point. It is also more comfortable for two as the seat is now 30% longer than any N based series, including the NQiGTS. It is also capable of carrying a load of up to 269KG.

It has all the extensive features from the rest of the range, including the Smart App, Front & Rear Disc brakes including Regenerative Braking and Cruise Control but also some new features like foot rests rather than pegs.

It also has a 16amp charger which is an upgrade to what the Flagship NQiGTS series has and hence charging can be achieved in 4 to 4/5 hours for the Standard Range and around 6 hours for the Extended Range.

Although the bike is available in 5 colours, currently in the UK, there will be all Gloss, Black, White and Grey.

This 45mph L3e version will be £3516 and will be available in late June.

The 28mph version is here

Removable BatteryYes x 2
Maximum Speed45 Mph
Charging Time6 Hours
RangeUp to 55 Miles
Bike Warranty2 Years
Battery Warranty3 Years
Grant ApplicableYes


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