Sur-Ron LBX LightBee - Off-Road Version. 6kw
Sur-Ron LBX LightBee - Off-Road Version. 6kw
Sur-Ron LBX LightBee - Off-Road Version. 6kw
Sur-Ron LBX LightBee - Off-Road Version. 6kw
Sur-Ron LBX LightBee - Off-Road Version. 6kw

LBX LightBee - Off-Road

£3,495.83 £4,195.00 (inc. VAT)
The SUR-RON Light-Bee Dual Sport E-Dirt Bike promises advanced fun on all terrain. With 60V and more than 6KW of peak power from a removable Panasonic 18650 32Ah Lithium-ion battery pack, it has a range of 40 to 60 miles per charge, a recharging time 2 1/2 to 3 1/2 hours and a top speed of 45mph.

A forged light-weight 47KG alloy frame, 200Nm of Torque, combined with hi-spec components including 4 piston Hydraulic Disc Brakes Front and Rear provide the Light-Bee a climbing ability of over 45°.

Combining the ultra light weight frame with up to 6kw of power gives this bike incredibly fast acceleration and climbing ability and we encourage you to try this bike for yourself to understand this first hand. 

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James Fox from London

This is an amazing bike. It really introduces a whole new genre to powered bikes. It falls between a really high performance E-mountain bike and a super light electric motorcycle.

The quality sets new standards of design and construction. The bike is beautifully put together and is a pleasure to work on. There is a very active web based community with all the tech help you will ever need. The bike is super light and I do not even bother with ramps when loading it in my van.

The brakes have excellent feel and feedback. The suspension is very smooth when set up properly. The bike holds direction very solidly and the forged frame is remarkibly stiff which makes the bike feel planted.

The Surron is one of the most satisfying and fun motorcycles I have ridden. The combination of a super light bike with tons of torque is amazing.

Battery life is very acceptable and never fails to impress. A couple of good hours off-road is well within its capacity.

Model LBX Light-bee (Off Road)
Type L3e
Voltage 60
Watts 3000
Removable Battery Yes
Maximum Speed 47 Mph
Charging Time 3.5 Hours
Battery Warranty 500 Cycles
Bike Warranty 18 Months
Range 60 Miles
Brand Sur-Ron
Condition New