About Us

Green-mopeds.com are a London based motorcycle and moped dealer and importer whos mission to is bring the latest and greatest environmentally friendly 100% electric mopeds, motorcycles and road-legal scooters to the UK.

With a huge drive to reduce emissions and protect the environment and figures that suggest petrol based motorbikes, scooters and mopeds emit up to 70% of CO2 that cars do, 2 wheeled transport is also any area where a positive environmental impact can be made.

The Government is helping 2 wheeled transport owners move or adopt electric through its plug-in motorcycle grant (PIMG) that will provide purchasers of new bikes that meet the criteria a reduction of £1500 or 20% of the purchase price. Green-mopeds are also pursuing increasing the range of bikes that fall under the grant scheme by taking makes and models we represent through the scheme.

There are also Government schemes such as the London Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) that are enforcing the update of electric vehicles and hence penalising the older more polluting vehicles from entering cities. These schemes will only increase as the Government moves towards its 2050 goal for electric vehicles. Avoiding the daily ULEZ charge could repay the investment of a £2000 electric moped, scooter or motorcycle in just 6 months and provide further savings from that point on by eliminating expensive service contracts etc

Currently the 7 brands we represent include Askoll, Lifan, Niu, ECCity, SurRon,Torrot, and Vmoto Super Soco. We are constantly monitoring the market to see if there are new up-coming brands that will provide better features and/or enhanced features.

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