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The EK3 is a new L3e (125cc) category moped from Howin. It features a modern design, smooth contours and bright colours and is spacious and comfortable. It was created for everyday use to cover longer distances quickly, elegantly and economically.

The centrally mounted Motor developed by Horwin creates an output of 6.7 kW at a speed of nearly 60mph, which makes it one of the most powerful in this class. The EK3 accelerates to 37mph in six seconds,with full torque being activated immediately when the throttle is activated. The constant power of the engine motor ensures smoother running under all road conditions. 

The EK3 is fast on the road and achieves a top speed of 60mph making it the fastest in this price range. Interestingly it has a 14-inch front wheel and 13-inch rear wheel but offers excellent manoeuvrability. 

The central motor delivers a consistent and strong performance. The outstanding ergonomic design and efficient shock absorption system ensure a comfortable driving experience. 

The EK3 has a long wheelbase of 1350mm and a distance of 125 mm from the ground. The generous dimensions of 1900mm length, 500 mm width and 1150 mm height offer a correspondingly great driving experience. In addition, the EK3 has a maximum load capacity of 200 kg and offers space for up to two people.

Compared to hub mounted mopeds, this bike will make some noise which some people may prefer.

In addition,the highly efficient engine motor perfectly balances performance and energy consumption. All finely coordinated components ensure that the power train system works efficiently and stably and drives economically far.

The EK3 scooter is equipped with double hydraulic shock absorbers at the front and rear. They offer the driver an excellent driving experience regardless of the road conditions. A CBS (Combined Brake System) brake system is used. It serves to make the braking process safe and sound and it increases the protection against the blocking of one of the two wheels. The EK3 stops safely and quickly when braking.

The automatic daytime running light DRL (Daytime Running Light) shines with an intensive white xenon lamp. This improved lighting brings more safety especially on rainy and foggy days. An automatic light switch-off delay lights your way to the garage or entrance door when you leave the vehicle. The head lights are equipped with LED lamps. With their brighter and whiter light they literally cut through the night and are far superior to standard incandescent lamps. Compared to the yellow light of conventional halogen lamps, LED lamps also come very close to the colour of daylight. They give the driver a more natural impression of the road situation.

While you are cruising with your EK3, you can charge your smart phone on board via the USB connector.

Conveniently, the vehicle key has a remote control built in: This way you can start, stop and even lock the scooter. And all this without having to put the key in the ignition lock.

Available in 4 colours, Red, White, Matt Black or Matt Grey

Horwin EK3 Brake 200x133Horwin EK3 Rear LightHorwin EK3 Key FobHorwin EK3 Dash

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Model EK3
Type L3e
Voltage 72
Watts 6200
Maximum Speed 60 Mph
Charging Time 5 Hours
Range 50 Miles
Bike Warranty 2 Years
Battery Warranty 3 Years
Grant Applicable Yes
Removable Battery Yes
Brand Horwin
Condition New