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Eccity Electric Mopeds

ECCity are at the premium end of electric mopeds available today. Exceptionally high quality French "chic" mopeds offering style and great performance in an environmentally friendly package.

The range starts at 4kw Model 50 (L1e) and goes up to the (L3e) 8kw Model 125+ in 2 wheel variants and now a 3 wheeled model with 13.2kw of power that can cruise along the motorway with the same performance of any petrol equivalent. With 3 colour options, they have been designed to be the first electric moped in the world which meets the same needs as traditional bikes with an attractive price range and lower overall cost during its life-time.

ECCIty follow rigorous assembly and control processes in order to ensure that each moped has exceptional reliability with low service costs. The electrical and mechanical parts fitted in the mopeds are tested fully and controlled before and during the assembly process, which follows a precise protocol. Finally, 47 static and dynamic test points are carried out before a new vehicle is put into circulation to guarantee its robustness and its reliability meaning a 2 year warranty is provided as standard. The model 125, 125+ and Model 3 are also elegible for the PIMG meaning they are VAT free and have a 3 year warranty on the Battery.

Check out these bikes and you will notice the attention to detail such as colour coded top boxes, integrated retractable foot rests and polished aluminium front wheel that separate these machines from the rest.


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